Buy Vetiver in Brisbane

3 Tillers

Buy Vetiver Grass in Brisbane Region

Please note: Stock is limited over the cooler months.But orders are accepted for planting out in Spring.

At present the Vetiver Community Project offers bare rooted plants from 75c each depending on supply.

That's  with 2 -- shoots -- per plant...

To order, see contact details.

Supply is seasonal. An order in quantity, if accepted, may take  up to 4 weeks to fill as stock are grown to the first 'flush' before planting out.

Postage & Payment

Postage on request: $16 postage for a quantity of 50 plants.
($15+$37.50 =$53.50).
Payment by cash or bank transfer.

See Nursery for further information about how I grow Vetiver.

Tube Stock
Now that the harvest is proceeding I can begin to supply Vetiver slips so that they can be planted out before the onset of the cyclone season from February next year. If you suffer from erosion or wash out, now is the time to plant.

  • A Vetiver slip is a propagation piece of Vetiver Grass which represents a small individual plant. 
  • A tiller is a living or actively growing shoot of grass leaf or stem. 
  • A quality Vetiver slip has 2-3 tillers and a piece of crown (where the shoots grow from).
10 slips per pack.